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Andrew Neil Olscher

August 21st, 2012 - Buckhorn, Ontario A hot, dry summer may be drawing to a close and the

flowers in your garden left stressed and wilted, but the blossoms will be in full bloom this weekend at

Gallery On The Lake in Buckhorn when the gallery presents a collection of paintings by artist, Andrew

Neil Olscher.

The exhibit will feature Olscher's signature, colourful, impasto gardens, and floral themed

expressionistic paintings which the artist, who lives just north of Havelock, has entitled “Ecoscapes”.

“Much of what you see on the canvas is there by design, says Olscher, “but there is perhaps an equal

part that is 'aleatoric', or there by chance, as I often use what I call a 'wet on wet' technique that allows

paints to flow together and interact spontaneously, resulting in complex shapes and patterns -

particularly in the background. It is not quite as easy as it sounds. I spent a great deal of time earlier in

my career assembling a colour palette that affords this technique, as the wrong freely intermingling

colours can just as easily turn to 'mud,' as the right ones can create a beautiful sky or background for

a garden scene.”

One of the most exciting aspects of this artist's style is that it allows viewers to use their imagination to

“get out of the painting, what they want”, as Olscher explains.

“You can allow yourself to just see the flowers, or you can explore the intricacy of the textures, colours

and pseudo-abstract backgrounds that conjure up what the mind wishes to see. I often have viewers

talk about the birds and butterflies in the painting, though to be honest it is often the chance of the

stroke of my brush or palette knife that puts these creatures there. One painting may remind a viewer

of their own garden, yet the same painting may remind another viewer of somewhere they visited

while on holiday in the Caribbean. I believe it is that universality that helps keep the work fresh and

unique,” concludes Olscher.

Andrew Neil Olscher has been showing his work in galleries for almost 20 years. Queen's University

has a sizable collection of his paintings on permanent display in a multitude of locations, as do

libraries, corporate and private collectors, both locally and internationally.

The exhibit opens this Saturday, August 25th and runs to September 28th. You can meet the artist at

the gallery on Saturday, which is located 3 km east of Buckhorn on the south side of Hwy 36, from

1pm to 4 pm.

For more information: Tel 705-657-1108 - Toll Free: 1-888-242-7475

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